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Deine/ Ihre Karriere bei ELPRO

Wo wollen wir hin?

Als ELPRO ist es unser Ziel, einen Beitrag zur Digitalisierung der Leuchtenwelt zu leisten.
Wir entwickeln neue innovative Produkte, die über die „einfache“ Leuchte hinausgehen.
Dies machen wir als bevorzugter Partner internationaler Handelsketten und renommierter Architekten.

Mit wem wollen wir unsere Ziele erreichen?

Wir suchen Lichtplaner sowie Vertriebsmitarbeiter. Mitarbeiter mit Lust auf Veränderung, etwas Neues mit zu gestalten,
Menschen mit Mut zur Verantwortung. Wir wünschen uns einen unkomplizierten Umgang mit Kollegen,
Interesse an kreativen Lösungen, Freude an Herausforderungen, Affinität zum Vertrieb und natürlich Leidenschaft für Licht!

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Who is ELPRO?

We are a medium-sized family-owned manufacturer of architectural lighting with focus on retail lighting.
We call us manufacturer because we really manufacture our luminaires with our own hands and knowledge.
We combine every step of the production under one roof: luminaire development, tool construction, metal and aluminium fabrication,
our own reflector production and the final product assembly.

What do we stand for?

We want to plan and develop high-quality lighting solutions for our partners. We focus on a holistic approach throughout the entire lifetime of the luminaire at a fair price/performance-ratio.
An essential element for our success is our team of qualified and experienced employees as well as our suppliers. We are not perfect but our ambition is to become a little better every day.

Where do we want to go?

We – as ELPRO – want to contribute to a digitisation of the lighting branch. We develop new and innovative products,
which are even more than just simple luminaires. We are glad to be a preferred partner of international retail chains and well-known architects.

With whom do we want to reach these goals?

We are looking for lighting designer and sales representatives. Employees who are keen on changes, who want to create something new, people with courage to take responsibility.
We wish for an uncomplicated interaction with the colleagues, interest in creative solutions, pleasure to deal with new challenges, affinity for sales and of course passion for light!

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